Zombie paintball is about a 20 minute ride through the dark woods on Friday and Saturday nights in October. The wagon consists of 20 paintball guns surrounded with blue LED lights. Throughout the woods there are tons of targets to shoot at. The targets consist of: skeletons, an old toilet, clowns, zombies, animal skeletons, a children’s playhouse, creepy dolls and so much more! 

In the past we have hosted children as young as four. All ages are welcome! No experienced required. Protective eye gear is supplied but you may bring your own. $15 per person which includes a pre-filled paintball gun with 250 paintballs, eye protective gear and a spot on the wagon. Refills are $10 for 150 paintballs. Refills will be given out at the turn around location and can be purchased either before or on board with exact cash.