Birthday Parties


Brookhollow’s Barnyard offers two different party packages: Hoedowns and Shindigs

Shindig pricing: $250 for up to 35 guests (2 and older)

Our Shindigs, which take place in the pavilion adjacent to the admissions building (301 Rockaway Valley Road), includes admission for up to 35 guests (2 and older). Our host and hostess have 15 minutes to set up before their allotted time and then have a total of 2 hours to entertain their guests between the pavilion and the petting farm. The party includes carrots for the animals: each kid gets a special souvenir cup filled with carrots that comes with a shovel. At the Barnyard, we feed the animals with shovels not our fingers. The hosts and hostess will have a bucket of carrots with which to fill up their guests’ cups. Some children really love to feed while others are happy playing in our corn cabin, train shed, playhouse, lego/duplo room or one of our many sandboxes. We provide the fun and the location the hostess should provide the food, decorations, cake and other supplies. 
Time slots are 10am- 12pm, 12:30pm to 2:30pm and 3pm to 5pm

Hoedown pricing: $600 for up to 65 people (2 and older)

Our Hoedowns, which take place in our party barn located next to the pumpkin patch(425 Powerville Road), includes admission for up to 65 guests (2 and older). Our hosts and hostess have 30 minutes to set up before their allotted time. Shortly after guests arrive, they will hop on our hay wagon for a 15 minute ride to the petting farm. Once at the petting farm, kids will be handed stadium cups and shovels in order to feed animals. At the petting farm, kids have time to play in any of our sandboxes, playhouse, train shed, leggo/duplo shed and more. After about an hour at the petting farm, kids will get a fun train ride and then everyone will head back to the Party Barn by means of tractor. Hoedowns are 3 hours long and are full of fun. There are two times for Hoedowns 10am-1pm or 2pm-5pm